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Rugged Solutions
Rugged and Custom Solutions
Rugged & Mobility Prospects can provide you with any Rugged Military Standard solution in order to fulfill the most desired demand.
A wide range of Rugged MIL-STD Servers, Desktop PCs, TouchPanel PCs, RACKs, etc can be customized according to your or your customer's needs.
Rugged & Mobility Prospects has the knowledge and experience to convert your ideas to Military Standard working solutions and achieve customised solutions to meet the stringent requirements.
Rugged computing products are designed to help people working in the toughest environment; however, some limitations are applied to the standard platforms to accommodate all different boisterous applications. To better assist customers overcoming this problem, Rugged & Mobility Prospects offers professional customization service.
Tell us what you need and we will "Ruggedize" it!!

Last updated: 13/3/2009 14:53