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Full Disk Encryption

Safeguarding your data anywhere!
High Density Devices AS (HDD) is safeguarding your data by patented, verified and certified Full Disk Encryption products  for plug & play installations in computers (LapTop, DeskTop, Copiers, Servers, etc.).
HDD provides solutions for defence, corporate and mass market encryption purposes by offering self-encrypting hard disk drives - including the patented [hiddn] Encryption Module (CM) - in USB, HDD and SSD based configurations.
[hiddn] - previously known as SecureD - is among the most certified (FIPS, CC, NATO, NSM, etc.) and user friendly hardware encryption technologies available on the market today.
HDD also offers a Key Management System (KMS) to allow organisations to effectively manage and administer their Smart Cards (contact or contactless (key tokens)) storing the various AES 256 bit encryption keys. 
The new [hiddn] Crypto Adapter product provides for a secure USB environment for Enterprise and Individual users!

Last updated: 29/3/2011 17:41
The [hiddn]™ Crypto Module is the heart of all [hiddn] products, and is also available for OEM projects. It has an ATA interface in and out of the module and can be operated either with a card reader integrated with the module or through an external...
[hiddn] Crypto Module
Cost efficient encryption of thumb drives, external drives, and other USB-connected storage media! The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter connects to your computer via USB, and through two-factor authentication in the form of a smartcard storing all encryption...
[hiddn] Crypto Adapter
A unique and easy approach to protection of data stored on desktops, copiers, control systems and other applications processing and storing sensitive and/or classified data. Installed in the data path between the processing unit and the SATA storage...
[hiddn] Sata Adapter
The ideal solution for backup of sensitive data - [hiddn]™ USB protects all data at rest The Full-Disk Encrypted (FDE) [hiddn]™ USB unit is an external storage unit utilizing the patented and certified [hiddn]™ encryption technology to provide users...
[hiddn] USB
The [hiddn]™ Laptop unit is a Full Disk Encryption (FDE) unit for complete protection of data-at-rest (DAR) that replaces the standard 2,5” hard drive in Laptop computers. The unit consists of the [hiddn]™ Crypto Module and a 1,8” hard drive, both...
[hiddn] Laptop
The exclusive Desktop solution connects directly to the motherboard and the storage media; a "plug and protect" solution. The combination of all encryption keys being stored on a separate smartcard (no keys stored in the device or on the storage media)...
[hiddn] Desktop
The Key Management System (KMS) is a proprietary administrative utility for managing lifecycle functions of [hiddn] Key Tokens (smartcards) and the accompanying [hiddn] products. Designed for integrators, value added resellers, IT managers of business...
[hiddn] KMS