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Anti Piracy Solution System (APSS)
Rugged & Mobility Prospects (RMP) is proud to introduce our Anti Piracy Solution System (APSS).  APSS is designed around the need to protect vessels from piracy attacks, prevent piracy attacks, document piracy events and verify the responses to such events by the crews and security forces on board.
APSS is designed with the security of the vessel in mind, automatically alerting the bridge crew to a possible piracy event, automatically slewing cameras to the threat and activating deterrent devices, recording and archiving the events.  The goal of APSS is to provide actionable information as early as possible and deter piracy events.
RMP provides a resident system technician to configure and operate the APSS during the time of hazardous travel.  The APSS along with the technician boards the vessel at predetermined embarkation locations and will disembark along with the APSS at predetermined locations after the hazardous travel is completed.  This leasing option allows vessel management to “use what you need” if the number of trips are limited through hazardous waters.
Using the leasing option does not require having fully trained crew members to operate the system as our technician stays with the system and performs “light” training while the vessel is underway.  At the end of the hazardous travel, the system is maintained and prepared for the next voyage, ensuring the leased system is always in peak operating condition.
APSS consists of:
• COSP (Common Operating Security Picture)
• Vessel input/output modules (RADAR, AIS, Vessel heading interface module, SatCom interface module)
• System input/output components (2 or 3 RADAR units placed near the bridge radar and under the bridge wings, AIS, Vessel heading interface sensors, SatCom)
• Cameras and Imagers (long range day / thermal imager, short range pan tilt cameras located under the bridge wings)
• Deterrent devices (Dazzler, Water Cannons)
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