The Company

Rugged & Mobility Prospects ltd, based in Athens, Hellas, specializes in Ruggedized MIL-STD computing, high-accuracy Thermal IR camera systems, Traffic Monitor equipment, ANPR systems and TEMPEST equipment.

Rugged & Mobility Prospects serves mobile workers and high level security services in a variety of markets including Public Safety, Military, Government, Commercial Field Service, Communications, Utilities and Transportation.

Our Mission

Considering the continuously growing critical demand for accurate and secure information transmission, we are targeting to fulfill extraordinary business needs in all areas.
Our technologically state-of-art portfolio in parallel with our high quality services help our most demand customer to achieve its goals with the most productive way.

Alliance Relationship

In today's world of globalization, productive cooperation is the key component of success. A strategic alliance effectively unites the strengths of different companies and combines alliance companies' specific geographic markets.
That is the reason why Rugged & Mobility Prospects has chosen to work together with the global leaders each one in its sector.